Romantic Soulmate Relationships

Soulmate relationships of the romantic or intimate kind often bring the most growing pains and life lessons.

Imagine that you meet someone and it instantly feels as if you're old friends just picking up where you left off. It feels comfortable, and if the connection is romantic there is often much passion and joy in the beginning. It feels wonderull to be 'in love' and to be loved by this person.

Soulmate lovers kissing under the sunset Then after some time together things start to go wrong. Little conflicts and differences might occur more frequently and the energy between the two of you seems to shift; there are moments when they feel like a stranger. Towards the ending of the connection you begin to feel like you're in an old and familiar pattern which seems to be holding you back from the relationship you truly desire deep down inside.

Often there is something inside of you that feels blocked or unable to open up completely on some level with this individual, despite how passionate the dynamic may have been in the beginning. The relationship may end as swiftly as it started or there may be much ego and karma to transcend before the relationship is finally dismantled. This is often how it goes with Soulmate relationships.

Soulmate experiences of the romantic kind can be painful especially if there is negative karma involved. As long as you grow from these experiences, the soulmate relationship has fulfilled its mission. Some soulmate connections can be short-term or extremely brief encounters. It is vital that you forgive your soulmate for any painful experiences that occurred while you were together since unforgiveness creates an energetic connection between you, or negative karma, and this can act as a magnet which attracts similar energies and situations into your life (or lifetimes) repeatedly until the karma is resolved.

Soulmate Relationships and Karma

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Our soulmates seldom appeal to our personality or our ego. Thats why they are called soulmates rather than egomates" ~Carolyn Miller {More Quotes}

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