Divine and Unconditional Love

Hands forming heart shape and burst of light There are two kinds of Love. Human love and Divine Love. The difference between the two is that human or personal love is often conditional, or limited in nature; while divine love or spiritual love is infinite in nature, andunconditional. Often in personal or human love there are aspects of possessiveness, demand or expectation that is all based on condition, limitation, or material and selfish desire.

Human love often seeks love outside of themselves because they feel they are lacking that love within themselves; it seeks a love that will fill a void within ones empty heart. Divine Love can not be realized this way. Conditions are temporary and change. If love is based on human conditions then it is subject to change and is often temporary, as it goes in many romantic relationships when one partner realizes that the other can not fufill there every want and need. Love does not need anything outside of itself to sustain itself. The Love that comes from Source is within yourself and you have access to this Source Love at any moment because it transends time and space.

When unconditional love is the foundation of a relationship then it seeks to grow and remain in balance and harmony. Unconditional love can be likened to the root of the tree. In relationships where Divine or spiritual love is present the two seek to become one by growing into the tree together. This can only happen truly if there is a solid root of unconditional love from which it can grow.

When conditional love is present there is often a lesson of love to be learned. This experience often brings pain and unresolved issues or karma is brought to the surface to be balanced and healed through Love. Our soulmates give us a beautiful opportunity for this. The more we resist that Love by seeing through only the perspective of ego then the relationship will usually come to an end and another opportunity may present itself to get our attention.

Heart shaped earth and divine burst of light If we have truly awakened to Divine and Unconditional love then we consciously understand the deeper meaning, and we realize that that everything and everyone in our external reality is merely an energetic reflection of our inner world and reality. We attract that which we are, what we think about and what we feel. We often see in another the very aspects of our own soul that require our attention, whether negative or positive. All is energy and negative and positive are just two degrees of the same whole.

Divine and unconditional love seek to understand, to accept, and to forgive. It seeks unity, which is its source. There is no need to possess or control and although challenges are common in all soulmate connections and relationships, each challenge gives us that precious opportunity to grow into ourselves and guides the way for the soul through this journey of life.

Divine Love is the force that connects us all and is the essence of the Divine within and without. Love is a powerful force and through love anything is possible. Through Divine love you are connected to everything and everyone on that level and you are connected to Source. When Divine loves leads the way you see from a new perspective--from the perspective of the soul as opposed the limited mind-set of the human ego or personality. Through the unity perception of Divine Love you see the injustice, pain and suffering of the world from a different vatage point. You begin to allow love to become the force for change instead of anger, despair or sorrow.

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