Twinflame Soulmate Relationships Challenges

Black and white image of couples holding hands Whether you are in a relationship with your soulmate, or your twinflame, there may still be some drama. The purpose of all relationships is to help encourage us to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Soulmates can bring out the best and the worst in us, and a twinflame relationship will bring you face-to-face with all of your light and your darkness in the most intense way. Depending on how much personal and soul growth is required, a soulmate or twinflame relationship can have a few, or many challenges.

Many individuals believe that once they have found their twinflame they will live 'happily ever after' with them in love and bliss, but then sometimes they become dissapointed or heartbroken when it doesn't happen that way. A 'Happily ever after' vibration is ultimately how the twinflame dynamic should be--or should be based upon--and this is why anything other than pure and unconditonal love in a twinflame union will cause intense drama, pain or confusion. Whether it is a soulmate or twinflame relationship, the vibration of the union, whether positive or negative, will greatly depend upon the energy that each individual brings to the relationship.

The key to experiencing a lasting and harmonious relationship is to overcome any egoic issues that are causing any conflict or drama in the first place. If there is any negative energy or emotional baggage left over from a previous relationship, then they will rise to the surface again in each subsequent relationship until the root cause of issue is resolved, or until the karmic or negative energy is transmuted. The twinflame energy dynamic can be more intense than a soulmate relationship and this can amplify any issues that each individual might have. The purpose of this is to bring the darkness to the light in order for it to be acknowleged and healed for good.

Most intimate twinflame relationships can be so intense that the couples simply cannot stay together. This is true for soulmate relationships as well. The partners in a twinflame relationship can become so close, that when there is anything between them other than love, it can become extremely uncomfortable, almost intolerable. Everything from the past will need to be healed in one's self if the twinflame couple wishes to remain together in a harmonious romantic relationship. Twinflames are meant to come together in unconditional love and oneness. Any issues that stem from the ego will quickly cause pain or conflict between them. Soulmate relationships especially give us the opportunity to resolve any karmic energies, transcend false egoic beliefs, and heal any mental or emotional issues so that we can be more prepared for the twin flame.

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