Twin Flame and Divine Timing

The Twin Flame union is said to be orchestrated by the Creator. The re-union happens because you and your Twin have been sealed together from the very first moment of your Divine creation, as both of you share the same Divine soul at that level of being, in Oneness. The Twin Flame re-union will take place the Divine timing is right and when both of you are ready for the experience. It is an intense and spiritual experience and there is nothing you can do to rush or speed up this process, as this reunion too is part of the unfolding of the Divine Plan.

Leading up to the physical reunion of the Twinflames many interesting synchronisities tend to occur. The 11:11 or other double and triple number sequences often pop up frequently around this time and are common in Twin Flame soul unions. In Numerology, Eleven is a master number and is considered to be the number of the spiritual messenger or guide. When looking at the visual representation of the 1111, the two sets of 'ones' appear to be united to form pillars. One can visualize the symbolic meaning of this to be two pillars leading to the heavenly gate; it can also represent the energetic connection between yin and yang polarity, female and male, united together, as ONE.

Sometimes it happens that you may meet your twinflame and one of you is already involved in a current relationship or marriage. It is obviously not wise to disrupt any present connections you each have in your lives as these soulmate relationships are necessary for spiritual growth, learning and healing. These current relationships must first be dismantled and balances in a natural way, and current soul contracts must be Lived out fully with honor, honesty and love. You and your Twinflame must both honor each other's soul lessons by growing together through the test of unconditional love, patience and honesty.

Even if it is not possible to work with your TwinFlame at this time on a physical level, you can still work with your Twin on an energetic level. As the earth moves into a fifth dimensional energy alignment all Twin Flames will be reunited in all dimensions. Meeting the physical manifestation of your twin flame is a high calling that requires you to grow spiritually and to heal emotionally, mentally, and physically. You must look beyond the ego and the physical limitations that may exist between you and your Twin at the time of meeting. You will both be driven to work together in some form to become the best and highest manifestation of your soul here on the Earth.

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