The Stages of Twin Flame Relationships

Though the term "twin flame" is quite misrepresented on the Internet...and though the term is a little off the radar as far as mainstream accepted terminology, this video was requested by a subscriber, and I feel the information is important and relevant to empaths at this time.

A large percentage of my clients have mentioned meeting a person who fits the criteria of being what is termed their "twin flame." Having come to the harmonizing stage with my true twin flame (or what I call a "soul match"), I understand that the purpose of this type of union is to create a new paradigm of love in relationships on the planet.

I have been through every stage and I understand the journey. My support is available to you through individual or group guidance & energy healing, activations and attunements. Please connect with me if you feel you need help or guidance. I wish you blessings on your climb!

The song artist in this video is Deva Premal and the song is called Om Namo Bhagavate.

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