The Twin Flame Relationship

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Most people mistake a soulmate for a twinflame, or vice versa. The feeling of deep or natural affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, or compatibility are often signs of a soulmate connection, but these dynamics can also be intense in a twinflame connection. The twinflame connection should not be romantically idealized. At its spiritual heart it is a Divine and Unconditional love that that is extended from Source and exists beyond the physical. The more ego that is involved, the less harmonious it will be.

When our twin soul is incarnated on earth at the same time as we are, usually they are not an ideal mate for a long term romantic relationship unless much of the spiritual inner work has been completed by both of twins prior to meeting, and continuously while together. The twinflame relationship can be heaven on earth or complete chaos.

Although in the past it has been rare for twinflames to be incarnate on earth at the same time, this will become more common as the consciousness of humanity Ascends as a whole. When both twins are not incarnated together, one twin is usually in physical experience while the other is in non-physical, often acting as a guide or caretaker to their embodied twin on earth. No matter what the distance between two twin souls may be, they are always connected, always a part of one another.

Your twinflame is literally your 'other half' and embodies everything you are on a higher Soul level. On the level of personality, they usually reflect everything you do not like about your self. Twinflames are each other's mirror and often on a subconscious level. It is not always easy to face one's self honestly in all aspects, negative and positive. To live harmoniously with your twinflame you have to be very comfortable with your self for a romantic relationship to work.

There can be several challenges in Twin Flame Relationships for many reasons. Problems in Twin flame connections can be anything from age difference, being in different locations, one twin is already commited in a soulmate relationship, and often one or both twins will have serious issues and may be afraid to open up the energy of the twinflame connection because the bond is too intense on many levels if one has not completed much inner spiritual work prior to the meeting.

Signs of The Twin Flame

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"Love is but the discovery of ourselves in another, and the delight in the recognition.
~Alexander Smith
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