You Do Have A Soulmate

Right now, there is a soulmate earmarked JUST FOR YOU.

I do not care if you are 50 pounds overweight.

It does not matter if you worry you are over the hill, and fear that love has passed you by (untrue).

You do not need to have a lot of money or a happening career to welcome in your soulmate.

You can be handicapped or chronically ill. STILL, you get love!

Start getting used to the idea. If you have abandoned hope for love, then feel the flames of that hope being fanned back to life right now. Read on to find out more of why you get love, how to welcome it in and even how to have it just show up at your door without your needing to get "out there."

There's Someone for You - start finding hope again.

OPEN UP to the possibility that you have a soulmate out there somewhere, living and breathing right now. In this cynical society, it is easy to be a skeptic, to think that love is only for the lucky. This makes many singles feel desperate, and this energetic is not conducive to attracting your love. Change your thinking on this issue to open up to love. Begin affirming that you do have a soulmate, and that nothing can keep the two of you apart. Shield yourself from people or situations that might reawaken fear or desperation in you. My belief is that there is "lid for every pot," a perfect mate for each one of us. Know that this is absolutely true for you, and that your intense desire for love is simply the energy that propels you into the arms of your One.


Send out an invitation to your One

Part of my soulmate attraction method that is a key to success is sending out a Soul Call. A Soul Call is an energetic invitation that you send out to the love of your life. I do this through a guided meditation that's on my Manifesting Love CD, and it's also a process that I lead people through in my book LOVE WILL FIND YOU.

YOU can do a Soul Call by closing you eyes right now, imagining that person who is looking for you this very moment, and send them some love. Tell them silently, "come to me, my love." Imagine how wonderful your lives are together and the magical courtship you will have as you meet and grow closer.

To confirm your Soul Call, it's a good idea to follow up with an action you do to further the invitation. Clean out a drawer in your room. Declutter your closet. Or buy a gift or card that you'll give to your soulmate at some point (I did this on my wedding day). If you're a workaholic, then schedule some unstructured time in your week to symbolize you are making room in your life for love.

Keep the soul call going by regularly sending some love to your One when you think of them.

Make Sure You're at Soulmate Level.

Too many people approach love badly.

I've helped tens of thousands of people find their soulmates, and most begin with wrongheaded ideas of how to attract love. If you've been frustrated for a long time, you may be approaching love with some mistaken notions.

Here's an example. Have you LIED on an online profile? Apparently, 80% of online daters have done so (!). Never mind what anyone else viewing your profile thinks. What YOU are thinking when you "fudge" your stats is that somehow you are NOT ENOUGH "as is." Wrong!

THE TRUTH: You are precious, even sexy. You are a CATCH, particularly to your soulmate. Not only is your soulmate the hottest person you've ever encountered, but (s)he simply cannot see past you. If you can realize how worthy you are for love, you will be at soulmate level.

Here's another example of screwy thinking. People go to extremes to emulate some random idea of what people find attractive: breast implants, trying to fake being an alpha male, playing games -- all of these are at best, at a manipulative level and at worst, at the basest, surivalist level of biological imperative where soulmate love simply cannot happen.

THE TRUTH: Your soulmate will not recognize you unless you are being YOU. While grooming is just fine, trying to be something you're not has NO chance of producing soulmate love for you.

Many travel the world or perhaps are scared to miss a single party in fear they have to up the odds of finding soulmate love.

THE TRUTH: Love will find YOU (the title of my book) as you learn to be open and stay at Soulmate Level. Love is not a numbers game. There are no odds. You and your One are programmed to come together, and as you learn to resonate at Soulmate Level, you remove any barriers to love, and it happens in the most magical way imaginable. Your life is then changed forever.

Your Patterns Will Be Blown All to HECK When You Meet Your One!

No more frustration!

You were not meant to have love constantly dangling in front of you... but out of reach. You get love. Know that now (and that your soulmate GETS you, adores you, can't see past you) and realize that with the love of your life, it is entirely MUTUAL. Do not settle for less!

Your Mood! Stay in ATTRACTANT mode!

To stay at the Soulmate Level of Attraction, you need to become aware of your mood more often. Here are the moods that will REPEL soulmate love.

- depressed
- desperate
- competitive (which has NOTHING to do with love)
- doubting
- cynical
- negative
- angry
- regretful
- grudge-holding
- obsessed
- attached
- blah
- judgmental
- helpless
- drained

When you experience any of the above, it is worthwhile to soothe yourself into a better mood. Start learning what will turn you around the quickest. Anything from distracting yourself with reading or a funny t.v. show to doing some serious spiritual work is useful.

Some Ideas to Turn Your Mood to Something More Positive:

- meditation
- prayer
- reading something uplifting
- turning on your favorite music and dancing alone in your living room like no one is watching (they aren't!)
- connect with a positive or funny friend
- love your pet or a small child
- count your blessings
- go out in nature
- exercise: take a walk, do some yoga
- journal on what you really want in your life
- get busy with a project you enjoy
- daydream about the love of your life ANYTHING that can make you feel better (gradually - you won't immediately feel like skipping through the tulips)

So what moods actually serve as an ATTRACTANT for love?

- hopefulness
- amusement
- party-time, enjoyment
- flirtiness
- faith
- peace
- fun
- absorption in something you enjoy
- confidence (walking with a strut)
- connection with others
- connection with the Divine
- appreciation
- happiness
- joy
- love

Basically ANY positive emotion will put you into Soulmate Attraction Mode.

Unfortunately, MOST people still are pretty negative in the world. So part of this journey of altering your mood is to become imperturbable, impervious to negative influences outside of you. You have no control over them, so you've GOT to stop letting them get you down.

Ignore the haters and naysayers, and they'll have no power over you any longer.

Soulmate Level cannot be denied. And the bonus is that as you inhabit more positive moods, MANY other things start going right in your life. This is the experience people have when they do my soulmate work: new jobs, new friends, more money, famliy healings. Life becomes VERY charmed. And you get love, which is the whole point.

What to Do? Work on your energy & beliefs first!

Hopefully, as you read this Lense, you are getting different ideas about your chances for love (excellent) and finding hope again.

Before you do ANYTHING, keep working on your energy and beliefs first. Many who first do my work get EXCITED, rush out and have what I call a "false start." They meet someone in their enthusiasm, and mistake them for the Real Deal. Then, it fizzles. A better approach is to sit still for a bit. Go deeper (use some of the links I've provided here) into believing in yourself, believing in soulmates and honing your approach to the subject of love first. Then, sprinkle in an energy uplevel, so that you begin vibrating at Soulmate Level, rather than hanging out in lower energies, where it is absolutely impossible to find real and lasting love.

As you concentrate on inner changes (i.e. those inside of yourself), you may end up not having to lift a finger. Love may fall right in your lap! Your energy can become so magnetic that it cannot be denied, and you come together with your One quickly.

When you finally DO anything, hold yourself back from doing things that don't feel natural. After all, if you dislike bars, what are the odds you'll actually meet someone compatible in a bar, filled with people who (news flash!) LIKE BARS. Right?

For heaven's sakes, quit trying to get "out there," which sounds pretty scary to me. (I am the only dating coach who does not promote this philosophy of getting "out there.") The reason my work is the one favored by introverts (including me -- I've now been married for 10 years after using my own method to find my soulmate/husband)., is that as you concentrate on the inner, never again do you have to do ANYTHING out of character to attempt to find love.


Some Clues

Your soulmate is someone who makes you feel GOOD.

Not only is (s)he the hottest person you've ever met, but the feeling is MUTUAL

It goes amazingly smoothly, so much so that it takes some getting used-to. (This is because you've never been with your soulmate before. All the past drama was because it was a wrong fit.)

Your soulmate fits you to a T. You don't have to try to force a fit..

Your soulmate leaves no room for doubt that they are INTERESTED. You don't have to put out hints or beg for crumbs. (S) he is there along-side you, ready to move forward. Even when you put him or her to the test, (s)he sticks like glue.

You feel like you've known your soulmate your whole life. You can be more yourself than you've ever been. This person "gets" you.

It never gets stale with your soulmate. The 7th honeymoon is better than the first. Crackling chemistry remains.

Your soulmate is AVAILABLE to you.

If you thought you were with your soulmate and it didn't work out, it may have been a precursor to the One, but it wasn't the Real Deal. Better lies ahead for you!

WARNING: Love at first sight only happens 10% of the time. If you have had a few hard knocks in love, it may take longer to open up to him or her. Therefore, as long as you're being pulled to this person, just keep going! It will dawn on you that this is the Love of Your Life at some point.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kathryn Alice, RScP, ALSP is author of the bestselling book LOVE WILL FIND YOU and is considered the U.S.'s premier expert on dating, love & soulmates. She directed the Agape Crisis Support Team for the six years. Her work has helped tens of thousands find love and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Parade Magazine, The New York Times, Psychology Today, Cosmopolitan, Body+Soul and on Montel, NBC & Aware Show. She teaches internationally in Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Cape Town. To find out more about Kathryn's work and for more helpful articles to ease your heartache, visit her website at:

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